Our Design Process

It begins by us meeting and listening – to you – the client. You tell us what you’re thinking, what you’re dreaming, what you’re hoping for with this space. You show us what you like, and what doesn’t work for you. We discuss budget and time constraints and come up with a plan for the project.

Commercial Projects

How can you make more money?
How can you maximize your investment?
What is the problem you need to solve?

We meet with you until we have those answers. We come up with a concept, make sure you love it, and then start designing the coolest space you can envision. We work hard to make it practical as well as fabulous. With commercial spaces, there are specific criteria that need to be met to ensure success. We make sure that the space makes sense financially, we understand that budgets are important for your bottom line. We work with architects and various vendors to make sure your project meets all the code requirements and still impresses your customers and clients, whatever industry you are in.

Residential Project

Every person is unique. Every family lives differently. We understand that, so our focus is on YOU. This is your home, your refuge from the world. We to make your vision turn into a beautiful and comfortable reality, so that your family can flourish. We research what appeals to your taste, and makes sense for the way you live. Do you cook or eat out? Do you love to formally entertain – or enjoy relaxing with friends in front of an outdoor fire pit? Do you love modern fluid layouts or prefer a more traditional home? We draw and design floor plans or work to tweak your architect’s plans, offering many creative and unique suggestions that our team researches specifically for you.

And that’s only the beginning. We can help you choose all the big and little details, from doorknobs, to sofas, to paint colors and window treatments that express your taste and lifestyle. We can shop with you, or for you. Should you prefer, you can hand us the reigns, leave all the stress and details to us, and walk into a beautifully furnished home where you can focus on living your most pleasant lifestyle.

Green Design

Our firm is knowledgeable and educated in all aspects of Sustainable and Green Design. We often incorporate elements of Biophilic design into our interiors. We believe a healthy interior is crucial for the future of the environment.


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