About Us
Good design has to change your life.
It needs to make your day to day more efficient, more comfortable and less stressful.
Only then can it introduce great measures of beauty to sooth your soul.


Our lead designer

Adina Kornbluth, designs Commercial and Residential spaces that transcend expectations. She obtained a BFA Interior Design from Berkeley School of Design, graduating Magna cum Laude. In addition, she studied design and was certified at Parsons School of Design, in NYC. Her passion is taking the obvious, and twisting it into something unexpected and spectacular.

Adina always was drawn to art and beauty. Growing up, she drew and painted, inspired by the unusual and unique. She created one of a kind costume jewelry while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Journalism. A real renaissance woman, Adina is a published author.

For many years, Adina ran a successful high-end event planning business, designing celebrations that delighted all the senses. This gave her ‘in the trenches” experience with managing deadlines and budgets, dealing with the real-time stress of producing magnificent galas. These are skills she utilizes in her design business.

Creating exceptional interiors is what truly brings her joy. Adina has over eighteen years of experience in the field, with literally hundreds of professional contacts and resources. Together, your design project can be an elegant and creative space for your business or family to flourish.

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